Ideal for Seaport, Logistics & Tourism (3 Lots for Sale in Pedada, Ajuy, Iloilo)

₱ 224,073,000
Property Description
Here are 3 lots for sale in Pedada, Ajuy, Iloilo that may suit your purpose with a total area of 74.7410 hectares. See image attached. As you can see in the image attached, the green highlighted lots are for sale. Each lot area that is for sale is indicated in the file. The orange highlighted area can be negotiated to sell and would have a total area of 112.0316 hectares including the 3 lots for sale.I believe once the lots for sale are sold, it will have a ripple effect on the other lots around the area because most lots in the area are non-productive. They are grasslands and cogon lands. Landowners should be willing to sell their lots to have worth from them. The highest peak of Lot 17 (183-B) has 360 degree view of the whole peninsula. It has 2 natural springs of water. Many people get their drinking water from these springs. Lot 173 and Lot 158 have beach frontages. Lot 158 is ideal for a port because of its sea depth. On the southwest of Barangay Pedada which is Barangay Bay-ang has a shipyard managed by FF Cruz Company and a Ro-Ro Port administered by Local Government Unit of Ajuy. Bay-ang also has a cement mixing and packing facility owned by Cemphil Cement Company. So, these lots highlighted have big potential if developed because they are near a shipyard and a ro-ro port and are in or near the Industrial Zone of Ajuy. The NEDA, DPWH and DTI have an industrial grade road proposal worth 300 million pesos that will traverse through lot 17 (183-B) going to the Industrial Zone of Ajuy. Thank you very much.
Western Visayas
Iloilo City
Pedada, Ajuy
ZIP code
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