Beachfront Property for Sale In Negros Oriental

₱ 5,100,000
Property Description
With a total area of 2,019 Sq. Mrs. This desirable beachfront property comprises two adjacent lots of 1706 and 313 sq mtrs, respectively. Unlike many properties for sale, this property has 100% clean title and is ready for immediate transfer to a new owner.

Situated on the shore of the Sulu sea, several kilometres south of Sta. Catalina on the main highway between Dumaguete and Bayawan, the property extends from the roadside all the way to the shoreline.

Power, landline and mobile telecommunications from major providers are readily available and air conditioned buses regularly travel the route between Bayawan and Dumagute. There are schools in the area and there is ongoing development of brand new medical facilities in nearby Bayawan City where restaurants and shops abound.

A partially constructed house is situated on the smaller of the two lots adjacent to the highway and there is direct access to the larger lot from the highway. While the main structure of the house is sound, the building has lain empty for several years with little maintenance and it therefore needs some attention to make it liveable.

The property is bordered on either side by residential properties and there are more than 30 coconut trees dotted around the property.

The property was originally purchased from two separate owners, neither of whom had clean title over the land. It took several years and considerable effort and expense to secure title from the actual owner. All legal work was completed in late 2016 and both lots are now fully titled with all fees and taxes completely up to date.

With its tranquil, prime beach location and proximity to all necessary services, this property offers the ideal location for residential use but is equally suited to the development of a paradise beach resort catering to the many ex-pats living in the province and further afield.

The price reflects the time,effort and expense incurred in securing clean title. Price is negotiable.
Lot Area
2019 Sq m²
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