Terms of Use

  1. Once the advert is added to the website there are no refunds for any reason
  2. The content and copyright for the advert is the responsibility of the advertiser
  3. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to describe the property truthfully
  4. Philippines Properties accespts zero liability for any advert that is published
  5. Philippines Properties has the right to remove any advert for no reason and offer no refund, this would only occur if we receice an abuse claim regarding the advert
  6. Philippines properties will make changes to adverts when requested but will limit changes to what we consider to be reasonable, excessive change requests can be refused unless an additional fee is paid. Beyond reasonable would be more than 5 changes for example
  7. Philippines Properties will make no compensation payment or refund if, for any reason the website is not available
  8. The adertiser accepts when making payment that Philippines Properties that these terms are fully understood and agreed....


As of September 2020 this site only provides free adverts.

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